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3M™ Stable Isotopes

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    A full range of neutron absorbing materials

    Stable isotope products from Ceradyne, Inc., a 3M company (formerly Boron Products LLC), have been helping the nuclear power industry operate more efficiently and safely for nearly 30 years. We are committed to working with you to make nuclear power a safer and more affordable option for powering tomorrow’s world.

    3M™ Stable Isotopes are used in a variety of nuclear power plant and research applications, including: reactor criticality control; both wet and dry, spent and fresh fuel transportation and storage; nuclear waste containment; and neutron radiation control. We offer one of the world’s largest portfolios of water chemistries, castable and ceramic shielding materials and emergency shutdown solutions – all manufactured to ensure the highest levels of consistency and quality.

  • Featuring NEW 3M™ Neutron Quench (experimental product)

    This highly soluble boron-based compound was developed as an efficient emergency shutdown solution for nuclear reactors. It helps give nuclear power plants more complete control of the fission reaction – and can help shut down the reactor in an emergency situation.

    With a high boron content of up to 80 wt%, 3M neutron quench offers several potential advantages over conventionally used neutron absorbers, including a smaller emergency pool footprint, reduced electrochemical corrosion and faster injection into the reactor core.

    *Important Notice and Disclaimer: This 3M product is an experimental or developmental product that has not been introduced or commercialized for general sale, and its formulation, performance characteristics and other properties, specifications (if any), availability, and pricing are not guaranteed and are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

    Download the latest findings (PDF, 325 KB)

    View 3M™ Neutron Quench

  • 3M™ Stable Isotopes Neutron Absorbers
    Neutron Absorbers

    Neutron absorption is vital to maintaining safety in nuclear operations. Our neutron absorbing products are specially engineered to perform under a variety of stringent nuclear environmental requirements – and to help you keep operations running smoothly. Our portfolio ranges from efficient, highly thermally conductive borated aluminum composites to strong, versatile, castable ceramics.

    Neutron absorber products

  • 3M™ Stable Isotopes Nuclear Water Chemistry
    Nuclear Chemistry

    Our portfolio of nuclear chemistry products includes enriched boric acid – an extremely effective neutron absorber – and enriched lithium hydroxide, to buffer pH. This combination balances the acidity, minimizing the corrosive effects that boric acid can have on primary coolant systems of pressurized water reactor technologies.

    Nuclear chemistry products

  • 3M™ Stable Isotopes Nuclear Fuel Applications
    Nuclear Fuel Applications

    We offer a wide variety of boron-based compounds specifically developed to control the reaction rate in nuclear fuel applications. Each material can be customized to meet your most stringent requirements for chemical, physical and particle size properties – while also adhering to strict industry standards for nuclear fuel products.

    Nuclear fuel products

  • 3M™ Stable Isotopes Neutron Detection
    Neutron Detection

    3M stable isotopes are trusted for their high purity and consistent quality – making them ideal materials for neutron detection applications. Our enriched boron products are available in various forms and can be customized for specific particle characteristics to meet your unique needs.

    Neutron detection products


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