3M™ Perfect-it™ Fast Cut XL Compound

3M™ Perfect-it™ Fast Cut XL Compound

  • 3M™ Perfect-it™ Fast Cut XL Compound

    3M™ Perfect-it™ Fast Cut XL Compound

    For paint rectification over large areas, 3M has launched Perfect-it III Fast Cut XL, a newly-formulated, fast-acting compound designed to eliminate scratches and deliver a superior high-gloss finish on refinished or original paintwork.

    • Offers greater coverage
    • Reduces amount of dusting into the air and adjacent panels
    • Easier clean up

    Bodyshop technicians are able to compound large areas without the abrasive drying while they are working. As well as being particularly beneficial for jobs that involve work over a bigger area, it can be a preferable solution for many smaller jobs because it is easier to clean up and less likely to splatter onto adjacent panels.


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